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The SUNSET WOMAN party will become a cutting-edge event in which some of the best representatives of the current scene, both nationally and internationally, will make Peñíscola From Stage the epicenter of electronic music.

Tania Vulcano and Esther Bronchal lead the list of headliners in this special edition, which is held in Playa Sur de Peñíscola, facing the sea, an exceptional venue for a unique event that is destined to be remembered for a long time. Together with them, they will be Brieela, Inexxstable, Ellla, Tatiana Cabezas, Naomi, Chooselife and Eli G, completing a day that promises a night full of rhythm and energy.

This initiative, which puts women at the center of the stage, not only highlights the talent of these artists but also promotes equality and diversity in the world of electronic music. Likewise, it should be noted that this event will have the collaboration of venues from the Castellón municipality such as Entredosaguas and PuraVida, where free daytime DJ sets will take place.

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