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Martita de Graná, one of the most media and fun influencers currently "gets out" and launches onto the stages of the best theaters and theaters in Spain.


His success is so great that his father still doesn't believe it; hence the name of his show “My father freaks out”. If you like what she says in her videos and, above all, how she tells them, don't miss the opportunity to see her live and enjoy her self-confidence in your city.


And it is that in reality everything began because of this land and a question: What does Granada have?


Thus began a video that went viral and with which Marta Martínez García recounted in just over two minutes all the aspects that make the city of the Alhambra a unique place. Its tapas, the 'milnow', Sierra Nevada, the Albaicín, the Alhambra, Granada CF, young people in winter, fun or the universities were some of the benefits that Martita de Graná told the world.

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